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Conferences in Sweden 2023

Every Sweden conference 2023 has been organized with the objective of strengthening Sweden's innovation capacity and innovation climate in order to contribute to sustainable development and create the conditions for the creation of new jobs across the country. The aim of any conference in Sweden that is set to take place during the remaining months of 2023 and the coming years is to assist in the identification of innovative solutions to major challenges facing society and to contribute to Sweden's competitiveness. In Sweden, cooperation between the business sector, academia, and the public sector has long been a powerful means of solving problems and meeting the challenges facing our society. All Swedish conferences, therefore, that are set to take place in 2023 and beyond will aim to strengthen this very cooperation. Available on this page for those wishing to take part in Swedish conferences are conference listings highlighting all upcoming events in Sweden across all disciplines.

Upcoming Conference in sweden 2023

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