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Pharmacy Conferences in Russia 2024

Russia has been a vital player on the global stage regarding learning and innovation. Become a part of some of the international conferences in Russia 2024, where you can take advantage of the rapidly growing global trends and markets.
These global events aim to rectify the country’s innovation, national economic development strategies, and modernization of the Russian industry as a primary objective. They provide a platform to bring together brilliant minds from various fields that shape the future. You can look forward to getting inspired, gaining knowledge, and staying one step ahead of the industry trends.
Level up your skills and grow in your area of expertise by attending a pharmacy conference 2024 Russia. Be a spectator and a participant of the country’s commitment to innovation and progress. Check out our list of upcoming events and subscribe to Conference Alerts to receive notifications about the upcoming conferences in the country.

Upcoming Pharmacy Conferences in Russia 2024

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Intercontinental Congress on Art and Human Studies (ICAHS)

26th - 27th October 2024
Beijing, China


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