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Conferences in Greece 2023

When it comes to the Greek research and innovation system, the potential of Greece conferences and their potential role in improving competitiveness, is only now beginning to be realized by the country. Inspite of the progress made in recent years, the national research and innovation system remains characterized by weaknesses that undermine its role as a key player in the transformation of the Greek economy, and conferences in Greece 2023 will seek to set this straight. Investing in research and innovation does not automatically translate into economic growth. Substantial collaboration, cooperation, and innovation in research has to be facilitated on the ground, and this is where every upcoming Greece conference 2023, comes into the picture. The forthcoming conferences in Greece will propel R&D innovation in the country and propel its economy. To attend these upcoming conferences, all you have to do is peruse our conference listing or subscribe to our conference alerts to register for the right event.

Upcoming Conference in greece 2023

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11th International Conference On Recent Challenges In Engineering And Technology(ICRCET)

16th - 17th June 2023
Jakarta, Indonesia

International Conference on Information Processing and Management (ICIPM)

16th - 17th June 2023
Seoul, South Korea

International conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Management (ICDSRISM)

26th - 27th July 2023

2nd International Conference on Exploring Colossal Technological Advances of the 21st Century in Science, Engineering, and Technology (ICECTACSET)

29th - 30th August 2023
Manila, Philippines

2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Research, Social Science and Humanities (APCERSSH 2023)

24th - 25th September 2023

International conference in Latest Advancements in Science, Management, Commerce and Educational Research (LASMCER-2023)

25th - 26th October 2023

International conference on advances in Science, Engineering & Technology (ICASET)

27th - 28th October 2023
Hochi Minh city, Vietnam

2nd World Conference on Multidisciplinary Research & Innovation (WCMRI)

28th - 29th October 2023

44th World Conference on Applied Science, Engineering & Technology

25th - 26th November 2023

6th International Conference on Recent Trends in Multi-Disciplinary Research (ICRTMDR-23)

9th - 10th November 2023
Ottawa, Canada

International Conference on Contemporary Engineering, Technology and Management (ICCETM-2023)

4th - 5th December 2023

45th World Conference on Applied Science, Engineering & Technology

29th - 30th December 2023
Goa, India


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