Conferences in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018

Bosnia and Herzegovina are located in the Balkan Peninsula of south Eastern Europe. This country is home to many medieval villages, lakes, rivers etc. Sarajevo, being its capital admits in having all of if history in accordance to the First World War. Conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018 is beneficial to all those lovers of history as they can attend the conference and explore a little history of this country at the same time. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand also took place here. The international conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina covers all the fields in science, technology, humanities, history, business, and commerce etc. It invites all the interested personnel across the globe to attend the conferences and to discuss, ideate, collaborate and spread knowledge on the recent findings. Sarajevo believes that with these conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and webinars, one can become aware of the current scenarios and think of productive solutions for a better future.

Upcoming Conferences in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018

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