Conferences in Belarus 2018

Belarus, commonly known as Belorussia in Russia situated in Eastern Europe is a landlocked country which means it is surrounded by lands only on all sides such as Russia on the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, Lithuania and Latvia in the northwest. Its area around 40% is forested. Its main popular and capital city is Minsk. Service industries and Manufacturing are the main resources for economic growth. Conference in Belarus 2018 would be helping many people to gain knowledge about industries, manufacturing process, forestry, science, coastal areas, etc. International Conferences in Belarus welcomes and will be providing all single and like-minded people to come on a same and equal platform and discuss various subjects like technology, life sciences, business, manufacturers, sellers, and buyers, etc and other allied subjects. This conference invites all the professionals to share and distribute their knowledge to all the attendees attending the conference.

Upcoming Conferences in Belarus 2018

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