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How to get conference invitation letter to attend conference in the USA 2024

What Is A Letter Of Invitation?

For security reasons, most organizers of international conferences worldwide (not just in the United States of America) resort to first issuing a conference visa invitation letter to their registrants before they can proceed to apply for permission (in the form of visas to travel to their countries. 

By obtaining an Official Conference Invitation Letter, a registrant can demonstrate sufficient intent to travel to a country. This proof is required by the officers at the embassies of the country who are in charge of validating travelers and issuing them travel visas based on their authentic display of “Intent For Travel”.

Conference organizers typically have the following policies in place – 

  • Invitation letters are only sent to confirmed registrants. Registrants are those who have paid the registration fee for the full conference.
  • After receiving their official registration confirmation, registrants must request an invitation letter by either filling in an online application form or emailing a request letter to the organizers. 
  • In order to expedite the preparation of an invitation letter, registrants must provide all the documentation/information required by the organizers. 

Conference Invitation letter

Sample invitation letter


Obtaining an invitation letter from an organizer doesn’t necessarily guarantee that one’s U.S. visa application will be approved. The letter is simply additional information that explains the visa applicant’s intended purpose of traveling to the United States. Conference organizers do not have any say in the visa issuance process. 

What Are The Requirments For Obtaining An Invitation Letter For A Conference Visa For The U.S.A?

  1. The full name must appear on the application form exactly as it appears on the passport. This is because any discrepancies between the name on the invitation letter and the passport could result in delay and/or denial of the USA conference visa.
  2. If the registrant plans to present a paper, he/she must make sure to include the title of their abstract submission. They don’t have to wait until their paper has been accepted to request an invitation letter.
  3. If they are participating as an exhibitor, they must make sure to indicate this in their application. 
  4. Each person requesting an invitation letter must complete a separate form. All invitation letters will be issued in PDF format and sent to the registered email addresses of registrants. If a hard copy of the invitation letter is necessitated, registrants indicate this in their applications.
  5. The organizing committee of the U.S. conference reserves the right to request additional information regarding the participant’s affiliation in order to ensure the authenticity of the requests.
  6. Registrants must seek to apply for their travel visas as early as possible in order to avoid the possibility of cancellation.
  7. Registrants must not rely on the organizers of the conference for support with their Visa applications, as most do not offer any assistance in this regard. 

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In order to request a Conference Invitation Letter, registrants will need to abide by the following step-by-step process – 

  1. Begin by planning their itinerary (including all daily activities during their stay in the United States).
  2. Plan and decide their travel details as well as provisional flight arrival/departure information, including –
  • flight date, 
  • flight time, 
  • flight number.
  1. Book their accommodation and have details such as the name, address, and telephone number of their intended hotel ready. 
  2. Ascertain the title and address of the United States embassy/consulate in their country that they must use to obtain their U.S. visa.
  3. Have their passport in order or apply for a new passport (in which case they must do so fairly early in order to avoid unforeseen delays).
  4. Inculcate the ability to use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization in English.
  5. Complete all the necessary pages of the Letter of Invitation form issued by the organizers of the conference in the U.S.A that they wish to participate in. 
  6. Ensure that this form is completed accurately and free of typos and spelling errors, as it will form the foundation of any official document used to secure their entry into the United States. 
  7. If all the information the organizers of the conference receive is correct, an Official Letter of Invitation to the conference will be issued in a matter of one to three weeks. 
  8. Registrants must exercise patience and make sure they allow sufficient time for the processing and issuance of their Invitation Letters.

Sample Letter Of Invitation For Conference Visa


The <conference organizer name> is set to hold its annual <conference name> on <date(s)> at <conference venue>, <city>, <state>, United States of America. 

Each day of this <number of days>-day international conference will begin at <time> and go on until <time>, and it aims to address the following – 

  • Address the obstacles that are hindering global <discipline name> progress, 
  • Offer participants key research insights from the latest studies so that they may be able to implement them in their own work, 
  • Facilitate the sort of networking and collaboration that is so crucial for <discipline name> to forge ahead, 
  • Put in place learning, experimentation, and knowledge-sharing mechanisms in place that will promote the trickling down of all the knowledge that is shared in this conference. 

It is my immense pleasure to extend to you a warm invitation to take part in the <conference name>. 

Whether you’re a registrant who is eligible to travel to the United States of America through a Visa Waiver program (provided you are from one of the nations that are on the United States Federal Government’s list of nations partnering in the Visa Waiver initiative) or someone who requires a U.S. Visa in order to take part in this conference, our entire team is available to extend any help you may need with your visa application formalities. 

Get in touch with us anytime at <email address> or <phone number>.

We early look forward to seeing you at the event! 

Kind Regards,



<contact details>.



This document is an Official Invitation Letter issued by <conference organizer name> to registrants of its upcoming <conference name> and can be used at any U.S. Consulate or Embassy worldwide as part of a B1 or B2 U.S. Visa Application Process.


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