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A Conference Invitation letter is an official document that confirms payment of the registration fee. It is also an extension of an official invitation to the paid registrant to take part in and wholly participate in the upcoming conference. In other words, it offers the holder an official reason to come to travel to the conference destination. It may be required by the registrant’s university for administrative purposes and will probably be one of the documents needed for the registrant’s successfully visa application if he/she is from a nation that does not have a visa waiver agreement with the nation where the conference is set to take place.

In order to obtain invitation letters, registrants typically need to meet the following criteria –

  • They must be listed as the author of an accepted abstract and/or paper.
  • They must have paid the full conference registration fee.
  • They must have a verifiable email address from an institution (.edu, .org, .ac). Most conferences do not accept personal addresses, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

If a registrant’s invitation letter request is successful, his/her invitation letter will be emailed to them as a PDF

Documents Required To Obtain A Conference Invitation Letter

Those registrants who require a travel visa to travel to the conference destination or need to apply for leave/permission from their superiors to take part in the conference can apply for a letter of invitation to support their applications.

To request an invitation letter, registrants typically have to send the organizers of the conference an email with the following data –

  • good quality scans of their passports (in the required format)
  • their first names, surnames, and given names, exactly as they appear on their passports
  • their contacts, including email ids, phone numbers, and residential addresses.
  • details on their affiliation/organization, including –
    • the name of the organization,
    • the address of office,
    • the country in which it operates, and
    • the position they held or still continue to hold.

Any additional information the organizers of the conference might consider pertinent to their application.

  • Acquiring An Invitation Letter For Visa Application

It is the sole responsibility of registrants to investigate visa requirements for the nation that they have to travel to and take steps to apply for the visa as necessary. Registrants who require an entry visa should allow sufficient time for the application process. They should also contact the nearest embassy of the nation where the conference is taking place or ​​consulate a travel advisor in order to determine the appropriate time and steps for their conference visa applications.

Typically, those requiring an official letter of invitation from the organizers of a conference that they wish to take part in can request one through an online registration form that can be found on the conference website. The conference organizers will then issue the invitation letter (upon successful submission and validation of all required documents), which has to be submitted to the embassy when applying for a visa.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter of invitation that one can expect from the organizers of a conference that they wish to participate in.

Dear <name of registrant>,

I am writing to formally request your attendance at this year’s <conference name>, which will be held on the <data(s)> at <conference venue>.

If you only have to choose one conference to attend this year, the <conference name> is it!

As a highly anticipated multi-day training and education conference, this event offers many benefits for professionals such as yourself at all levels of government, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations. The conference includes a multitude of topics across the <discipline name> spectrum, enriching your knowledge and strengthening your network of professionals.

The objective of the <conference name> is to improve your knowledge, your level of competence, and your collaboration skills. This event achieves this by attracting relevant high-level speakers to address topical issues and practical solutions.

Coming together in tandem, this annual event attracts a myriad of exhibitors who are top providers in the fields of <discipline name>.

Here are some guaranteed benefits you will get from attending the <discipline name> –

  • World-Class Education & Training
    • Better value for obtaining/learning new skills
    • Learn best practices from the most respected speakers in the field
    • Earn certificates for attending training courses and conference sessions
  • Possibilities For Extensive Networking & Collaboration

Enhance professional competence through sharing critical information with other like-minded professionals at all levels of government, private sector within <discipline name> and other associated professions with nearly <estimated number of> participants.

  • Incomparable Practical Insights

The <conference name> maximizes your continuing education potential by offering you access to

  • Maximum Return-On-Investment

As a participant, you will openly and intuitively acquire knowledge with your presence. The sheer number of opportunities for learning, networking, and growth that you will get access to is unprecedented.

As organizers of this conference, we urge you to give due consideration to this invitation and seriously make arrangements to make your presence felt at this much-anticipated conference.

To learn more about <conference name>, visit our website – <website link> or reach us at:

<contact number>,

<email address>,

<social media handles>.

Yours Sincerely,



<contact details>.

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